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Multiple research has reveiled a strong connection between the financial results of an organization, the expectations of the consumer as well as the commitment and motivation of the employees. This indicates that, especially in the time of shortage on the labor market, your people are the most important asset of your organization.
Bringing out the best of your people and ensuring each and every one is engaged, motivated and in the right position at the right time is a challenge most organisations face every day.

Interim HR

Is your company in need of interim additional support? Or does your company have a project for which you need specific knowledge or capabilities?


Is your company going through change and you need your people to develop influencing skills? Or do your people need to collaborate more, provide feedback to one another and therefore improve on their communication skills?

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Why the name 4Talentum?

‘Talentum’ is the Latin word for “talent” which is defined as a person of talent or a group of persons of talent in a field or activity. 4Talentum stands for focus on your talent. Unleash your talent and do what you are good at and have the potential to becoming better.


“Laura is an excellent people’s manager, relentlessly focused on her team development and growth. Her HR experience encompasses skills and competencies gathered in various areas, like Mobility, HR Business Partnership, Benefits and Talent Management: this makes of Laura an extremely knowledgeable and capable HR professional. She is extremely committed and constantly oriented to achieving goals and “to innovative”. I greatly enjoyed working with Laura: do not miss the opportunity to enjoy the same experience!”

Rossella Vilardo, HR Employee Relations Manager Europe Nike

My story

Having spent multiple years leading teams and executing the HR agenda as an HR business partner as well as completed many projects in more specialist areas such as talent development, succession planning and talent reviews,

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